Do you wake up gasping for air at night? Do you feel tired and lethargic despite getting a full night’s sleep? Chances are you have sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that obstructs your airways and causes you to have disturbed sleep. It can lead to cardiac issues, blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

People who are over the age of 50, overweight, have a long neck, or have structural issues with the airway are susceptible to sleep apnea.

At Stockton Creative Dental in Stockton, California, Dr. Lev Korovin and Dr. Farhana Rassiwala have successfully helped people with sleep apnea lead peaceful lives and get better sleep.

In this article, we’re looking into what you can do if you have sleep apnea.

Change Your Lifestyle

Being overweight is one of the leading causes of sleep apnea. Experts say losing even 10% of your body weight can significantly reduce apneic episodes by allowing you to sleep better.

However, it is easier said than done because sleep apnea increases your appetite and changes your metabolism. Being mindful of this and taking the necessary steps that enable you to manage your weight efficiently will help you improve your symptoms.

Use Mandibular Advancement Devices

Mandibular advancement devices (MAD) are oral devices that treat mild and moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Our dentists can design these devices to prevent your tongue from blocking the airway, thus allowing you to breathe easily.

If you schedule an appointment with Dr. Korovin or Dr. Rassiwala at Stockton Creative Dental, they will help you assess your sleep apnea condition and discuss whether mandibular advancement devices can help with your situation.

Positive Air Pressure (PAP) Therapy

PAP therapy uses a machine that supplies a steady flow of pressurized air to your airway via a mask worn on your nose or mouth. This machine can prevent the airways from collapsing during sleep.

There are four types of PAP machines available – CPAP or Continuous Positive Air Pressure machines, Bi-PAP machines, Auto Bi-PAP or Auto C-PAP, and Adaptive Servo-Ventilation machines.

Get Surgery

Surgery is beneficial in treating excessive or malformed tissues that block airflow through the throat or nose. Conditions such as a deviated septum, small lower jaw, and enlarged tonsils can cause the throat to become unusually narrow.

Seeking medical help for sleep apnea enables you to get better sleep and lead a better life.

Get in touch with Dr. Korovin or Dr. Rassiwala at Stockton Creative Dental for a consultation and say hello to good sleep. Call (209) 466-5000 for an appointment or visit the office at 2043 E, Fremont St. #8, Stockton, CA 95205.

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