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Everyone desires a white and bright smile to enhance their overall appearance. But do you know your teeth are prone to staining? Several factors contribute to discoloration of teeth like advancing age, consumption of foods and beverages like tomatoes, apples, coffee, carbonated drinks, tobacco-based products, etc. Discoloration of teeth is also the result of poor oral hygiene, medical procedures, and conditions that erode your tooth enamel. Furthermore, environmental factors such as the presence of an excessive amount of fluoride also stain your teeth.

Teeth whitening helps to remove the discoloration and stains from your teeth, thereby restoring your pearly white smile. This cosmetic dental procedure takes 60-90 minutes to complete.

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The Procedure of Teeth Whitening

Our dentist will start the procedure with a professional dental cleaning. Your gums and teeth are cleaned properly to remove the deposits of plaque and tartar using special dental appliances. After this, we will determine the shade of your teeth using a dental shade guide. The concentration of the whitening agent for the procedure depends upon the shade that you want to achieve.

We will cover your mouth using a gingival dam or a cheek retractor such that only your teeth are exposed for the procedure. Our dentist will apply a whitening agent rich in peroxide on your teeth and leave it for 15-20 minutes. A special blue light will be used to activate all the oxidizing agents present in this agent. This whitening gel breaks down the stains thoroughly.

Depending upon the stubbornness of your stains, our dentist will reapply the whitening agent 3-5 times until you achieve the desired shade. Lastly, we will wipe your teeth thoroughly to remove the leftover whitening agent.

You will also be given custom-made whitening trays to wear on your teeth. Similar to mouthguards, these trays are used for touch-ups to help you maintain the whiteness of your teeth in the long run.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening happens to be the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedure that provides the best results to remove stains and treat discolored teeth.

  • This procedure is safe as it is approved by the FDA.
  • Professional teeth whitening whitens all the teeth evenly.
  • This procedure also involves professional dental cleaning, which, apart from cleaning your teeth, provides a multitude of other oral benefits.
  • Professional teeth whitening removes both intrinsic as well as extrinsic stains, thereby keeping your teeth bright and shining for a long time.
  • Professional teeth whitening is a quick and cost-effective procedure that boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

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