If you want to whiten your teeth, it’s important to have the right product for your particular type of stain. Mild or light stains can often be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products. Professional teeth whitening is effective on most stains that don’t respond to OTC systems. However, chemical bleaching doesn’t work on intrinsic stains, which are imbedded beneath tooth enamel. Dublin cosmetic dentist, Dr. Farhana Rassiwala understands how various teeth whitening systems work and will help you find the right treatment for your case, even if that means conquering the toughest stains.

At your teeth whitening consultation in Dublin, CA, Dr. Rassiwala will determine if you have intrinsic or extrinsic stains and recommend the appropriate whitening system. Call 925-833-9500 to schedule your appointment today.

Teeth Whitening for Extrinsic Stains

Stains that reside on the surface of tooth enamel are referred to as extrinsic stains. These are easily removed with OTC whitening products, such as whitening strips, pastes, and mouthwashes. Dark-colored foods (berries) and drinks (red wine, tea, coffee) cause extrinsic stains.

OTC whitening methods are subject for saliva contamination. When saliva mixes with the low grade bleaching agents in these store-bought products, it dilutes the chemicals and doesn’t produce the most significant results.

Dr. Rassiwala professionally whitens teeth with custom-made whitening trays. At your appointment, she will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth. From the impression, she will create a unique set of trays, which she will pair with a strong prescription bleaching gel to enhance the shade of your teeth by several shades. After the trays are made, she will instruct you to wear them every night for two weeks or for 30 minutes a day.

Unlike OTC products, professional whitening trays create a seal to block out saliva from interfering with treatment. Whitening trays effectively remove extrinsic stains to provide you with a pearly, white smile.

Intrinsically Stained Smiles

Intrinsic stains come from within your body (tetracycline antibiotics, fluoride). Because these stains are beneath tooth enamel, chemicals won’t remove them. Instead, Dr. Rassiwala recommends dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

Dental bonding corrects severely discolored teeth by concealing the imperfection with composite resin. First, Dr. Rassiwala will clean and etch the tooth to create a rough surface for the resin to adhere to. Next she will apply thin layers of composite resin. She sculpts and smooths each layer before applying the next to create a flat, new tooth surface. Once she’s done carefully painting the layers of resin, she will cure the material with a special light for strength and durability.

The excess material is trimmed and the tooth is polished. Along with concealing a stained tooth, dental bonding corrects chips, gaps, and worn edges on teeth.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells crafted from porcelain. Each shell is created to match the color of surrounding teeth. For whitening purposes, the dental veneer is created in a lighter shade to provide a more attractive and white tooth. Dr. Rassiwala bonds a veneer to an unattractive tooth to create a new tooth surface that is free of dental stains.

Dr. Rassiwala recommends dental veneers for misaligned, oddly shaped, gapped, broken, or chipped teeth, in addition to discoloration.

We’re ready to increase your confidence by removing your dental stains through teeth whitening. To schedule your appointment in Dublin, CA with Dr. Rassiwala, call 925-833-9500.

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