Invisalign offers straighter teeth to teens and adults without the disadvantages of traditional metal braces. If you want to avoid the discomfort and awkwardness caused by traditional braces or are allergic to metals, Invisalign is the right option for you.

Invisalign Treatment Process

Invisalign treatment begins by performing a complete oral exam, X-rays, digital 3D imaging, as well as impressions of your mouth and teeth.

All imaging diagnostics are sent directly to Invisalign. Using 3D computer technology, they create an entire set of aligner trays for the patient. The treatment period is typically one year for adult patients, similar to the treatment times for braces used for teens. The Invisalign trays are precisely designed and calibrated to be a perfect fit for your mouth at every stage of the process of straightening.

These aligner trays are BPA-free and designed by taking scans and impressions of your teeth. Each set of aligner trays are utilized for two weeks at a time. Our dentist recommends patients wear the Invisalign trays for 20 to 22 hours a day and only remove them during meals and oral hygiene.

At Stockton Dental, our dentist personalizes each patient’s treatment plan according to the specific requirements. The duration of treatment can be longer or shorter, depending on the patient’s individual needs and their adherence to wearing the aligners for 20 and 22 hours each day.

Why Choose Invisalign by Dr. Rassiwala?

Invisalign allows teeth straightening and maintains an attractive smile. These clear aligners move teeth gradually and gently. Are you still unsure whether Invisalign is the best option for you? Here are some benefits of Invisalign:

  • The Invisalign treatment plans are typically completed in one year when aligners are used as prescribed by the dentist. It is about 6 to 12 months earlier than the time required for treatment with traditional metal braces.
  • The clear aligner tray is smooth and soft and does not cause any discomfort to the soft tissues of your mouth. Since there is no metal involved, there is no risk of irritation to the gums and lips.
  • You can get rid of Invisalign aligners during the meal and enjoy your food with no limitations. It also makes brushing and flossing simple.
  • Invisalign exams are done every six weeks rather than four weeks. Hence less time is spent at the dental practice.
  • It comprises no brackets or wires, so there is no need to fix broken oral appliances.
  • The removable Invisalign trays are not visible, keeping them from being noticed by anyone. It increases confidence and self-esteem in our patients.

Get Invisalign – Invest in Yourself

  • There are no additional charges or hidden costs involved. Our quoted price includes the complete treatment expenses.
  • Invisalign consultations are always free.
  • Affordable payment options

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