Before undergoing any dental treatments, one should thoroughly understand that treatment. For example, an implant crown should not be confused with the bridges, abutments, or any other forms of dental implants. So now the question arises, what is implant crown and what are its functionalities.

An implant crown is nothing but a prosthetic that helps to cap the visible part of the tooth, which still has its structural integrity. One important thing to note is it is also possible to fix the crown to a dental implant which we screw into the jawbone. You can often see dentists suggest their patients get the crown when they encounter the situation where a filling cannot stop an entrenched cavity from expanding. Implant Crowns are available variety of materials. Let us discuss one by one in detail.

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal 

Porcelain Fused to Metal crown implants are most popular because of the strength they pose, and apart from these can also be used with temporary dental cement but can still form a strong bond. These are often considered majorly for high load-bearing teeth such as molars.

  • E Max Crown 

This crown’s main component is lithium disilicate glass, along with lithium dioxide, phosphoroxide, quarts, potassium oxide, and few other elements. These are mostly ceramics. The dentist often recommends this crown when there is restoring damaged and/or discolored front teeth. These crowns are also popular because they give out the best aesthetic appearance and resembles natural-looking teeth. An added advantage of having these crowns is that they are durable.

  • Layered Zirconia 

When we talk about the layered zirconia, strength and aesthetic appearance comes to the top of the mind. Yes, these crowns are popular for these qualities. These are the restoration option of any tooth in the mouth. Zirconia substructure has a flexible strength of 1200 Mpa, which is greater than that of both PFM crowns, EMax crowns, and other ceramic composite used for the implants. These crowns are the most comparable to gold, but when we look at the price of the gold, zirconia is the best option to afford.

If you are looking for the Implant Crown, you have landed on the right page. Providing clients with the best treatment possible is the only agenda we work with. So give us a call and get an appointment today!

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