At times, the health of your teeth may not be sufficient enough to withhold itself and remain in its socket, and hence, such teeth would have to be removed. Teeth may be extracted due to a variety of reasons. It could either be due to overcrowding, an injury, infection or intense decay of the enamel.

Tooth extractions are generally performed by an oral surgeon and are a relatively easy procedure. Dentists also recommend extracting impacted teeth that have only partially erupted as such teeth can easily be affected by bacteria and cause infection. The infection would not only affect the impacted teeth but also surrounding bone structures.

What is the procedure involved in tooth extractions?

Before beginning to extract the damaged teeth, the dentist would carefully examine it by taking necessary X-rays. A thorough examination is necessary to help the dentist understand the length, shape, and position of the tooth and surrounding bone. Before removing the tooth, the surrounding gums would be numbed by using local anesthesia. While performing simple extractions, the tooth that needs removal would be gently loosened and removed with a tool known as dental forceps. Once finished, the dentist would close the area with stitches.

Post-procedure Care

Once teeth have been extracted, it is essential to keep the extracted site clean in order to prevent the chances of infection. The dentist would advise the patient to bite on a piece of gauze for about 30-45 minutes to allow the tissues to clot. It is always advised to restrain from smoking or brushing the extraction site immediately after the procedure.

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